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Pop-up subscription box using Wishpond

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About Wishpond
Install Wishpond

📌 Important Note :

Before you begin, we would highly suggest you to have one email hosting for example like (also known as professional email). If you do not own any email hosting yet, kindly register one through 3rd party email hosting provider such as ZOHO Mail

Next, you can point the MX Record (provided by your email hosting provider) to your domain DNS Record. Here would be a few example for ZOHO Mail :
Set up ZOHO mail
Add MX record (email hosting)

1. About Wishpond

Wishpond’s mission is to make it easy for marketers to grow their business. 

Implementing a pop-up form on your site seems like an easy shortcut to building a huge list. Simply add one to your site, create a compelling, benefit-driven offer, and watch the money roll in.
These are purposes with using Pop-up form: Increase social media following, answer a frequent customer question, conduct a survey, grow an email list, 

Wishpond’s marketing platform includes tools for:

💡 Tips : You will need to sign up an account with Wishpond before you can enjoy the apps.

2. Install Wishpond

Step 1 : Log into your Wishpond account > Create Popup

Step 2 : Select your preferable template > Customize it > Click "Next"

Step 3 : Name your popup > Choose Popup type (choose Entry Popup) 

Step 4 : Fill up necessary information > Insert your store URL

Step 5 : Copy the code

Step 6 : EasyStore Admin > Apps > More Apps > Search Wishpond > Install this app

Step 7 : Paste the code > Save settings

Step 9 : View your store now

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Updated on: 20/11/2023

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